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Welcome to New Age Dentistry at AVIS Hospitals!!

Routine dentistry apart, our clinic offers the most advanced and contemporary dental treatment in an ambient atmosphere. This is delivered by a team of highly experienced and overseas trained specialists.

Services Offered

  1. Smile Designing
  2. Full - mouth rehabilitations
  3. State of Art CAD- CAM designed Zirconium Crowns
  4. Implant retained Prosthesis
  5. Invisible Orthodontics
  6. Laser assisted surgeries.

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Smile Designing :

Great way to have a balanced smile by creating a well aligned set of teeth with aesthetic crowns.

CAD CAM Crown :

With advances in technology, it is possible to customize your crowns and bridges to perfectly suit your pro?le by way of CAD CAM designed prosthesis. This makes sure that you have the best prosthesis in terms of feel,look and longevity.Even better because you can hardly tell the difference between which is real and which is a prosthesis.


By far the best way of replacing teeth. Gone are the days when you have to grind natural teeth to fix bridges. Dental implants give you a tooth for a tooth replacement. Nobody needs to have dentures anymore because you can have a full set of ?xed teeth with implants. Almost a permanent and lifelong solution.

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Get your crowded teeth aligned using invisible braces and in selected cases just with aligners which don't require braces to be fixed to teeth

Laser dentistry has today replaced many of the older techniques by delivering painless and bloodless surgeries . Lasers can effectively treat gum infections , sensitivity of teeth, removal of mucosal overgrowths and sometimes can be carried out without even injecting local anesthesia.


To get that beautiful, everlasting smile, get veneers and laminates attached to your teeth. This will work wonders for spaced teeth, discolored teeth and teeth affected with ? ourosis.

Get that flashy smile with bright looking teeth with the latest Zoom machine. Just half an hour is what it takes to get your teeth looking whiter!

LASERS IN DENTISTRY everlasting smile Flashy Smile

Surgical correction of Nose orthognathic surgery where cosmetic and functional


Jaw deformities and facial asymetry can be treated very effectively with orthognathic surgery where cosmetic and functional rehabilitation of the patient can be carried out with no residual scars on the face. This is indicated for people with overgrown jaws and dental malposition.

Rhinoplasty: Surgical correction of Nose. Blepheroplasty: Correction of eyelids. Face Lift: Procedure to tighten facial tissues to reverse aging changes and give a younger look

Cleft lip, Cleft palate correction. Craniofacial Syndromes Correction.