Vascular Surgery

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Dr Rajah.V. Koppala, is extensively trained in Vascular and Interventional Radiology,He acquired basic MD Training in India followed by FRCR & CCST in The United Kingdom. This was Followed by American Interventional Radiology fellowship and followed by united board certification from Emory University hospital, Atlanta.

He has worked as consultant in vascular and Interventional  Radiology in India, USA, UK,  Singapore,  Australia And Bermuda.He relocated to India and has set up India’s only Interventional Radiology hospital, With four main areas of specialization.

1) Varicose veins  and Treatment of DVT,this involves laser assisted varicose veins treatment along with DVT Lysis and Endovenous Stunting.

2) Uterine Fibroid's and Management including complete cure for uterine fibroid by using uterine fibroid embolization. This is a day care non invasive surgical procedure.

3) Latest Interventional Oncology treatment including different methods for achieving cure in liver cancer, using TACE and Y90 methods. 

4) Dialysis Access, Dialysis Fistuloplasty stenting of central Venous narrowing,

With such extensive training in multiple countries Dr.Rajah.V.Koppala has achieved considerable reputation and he is performing the maximum number of  vascular surgeries in South India.